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Especializamos en Restauracion de muebles, Decoracion de muebles, Pintura de muebles.

En nuestro Taller de muebles nos dedicamos a Restaurar muebles, Decorar muebles, Pintar muebles, Tapizar.

Si buscas Tapicero en Barcelona o especialista en Rejilla, nosotros somos tu taller en barcelona.

Si quieres Pintar tu mesa, tus sillas, o pintar cualquier mueble, envíenos fotos y pide un presupuesto.

Si te gusta la decoracion vintage, nuestra Tienda vintage en Barcelona es tu sitio.

Vendemos y renovamos muebles reciclados, muebles pintados, lamparas vintage, espejos vintage.

También vendemos vintage online.


At Studio Alis, we believe in the power of a space. The spaces you live in should be a true expression of who you are, of what you want and where you’re going. They should be designed with your needs and desires in mind, rather than in pursuit of a fleeting trend or popular aesthetic. Most importantly, they need to be capable of change, growing and evolving just as you do.

We are here to help you in this process and accompany you on your journey towards a space that is entirely yours. Using our signature eclectic mix of styles and eras, we tailor our design to you, shaping the space to your needs, desires, and personality. We handpick each and every piece, blending unique vintage elements with modern touches for a truly timeless look. Every detail, from the color of the paint to the placement of a light is part of our holistic approach to building a room, resulting in a space that is thoroughly intentional and personal. 



Interior design is the foundation of any beautiful space. Studio Alis offers both private and touristic residential interior design services as well as commercial. Our interior design services include remodeling, painting, woodwork, and more to create a space that is tailored to you. 



Home decor is the natural complement to interior design. Studio Alis offers its home decor services both by the hour and on a full-project basis. We will help you accessorize and choose unique pieces to make your space your own.



Need a photo of your space? Studio Alis offers styling and home-staging services to make your room look the best it can be. We can either work with the decor you already have or supplement with our own, depending on what you and your space needs. 

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